Principles of Operations Management

APICS Principles of Operations Management is an education-based program made up of five courses designed to help new entrants to the field of operations management establish the foundational knowledge necessary to excel in the fields of production and distribution management. Principles offers organizations an efficient and effective approach to educate and develop professionals on the basics of operations management.


When facing a specific educational need within their organization, customers can fully customize their Principles program to build courses to meet these needs. Organizations can select Principles course sessions, suitable as stand-alone mini-courses or to be combined with other sessions, to create a customized learning experience.

Group Training:  APICS Principles group training is delivered by an instructor on-site at your location to your operations management group or cross-functional project team. You set the date, location and venue. APICS manages the registration, training materials and instructor.

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Principles of Inventory Management

Provides a functional knowledge and understanding of inventory and purchasing management principles, roles and responsibilities, and techniques.

Topics include:

  • Inventory management fundamentals
  • Ordering techniques
  • Replenishment policies
  • Purchasing management
  • Just-in-time and lean methodologies
  • Inventory performance measurement

Principles of Operation Planning

Imparts a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the basic inventory planning principles and techniques that are used at each level in the planning process, from strategic to tactical.

Topics include:

  • Planning foundations
  • Business planning
  • Basics of forecasting
  • Sales and operations planning
  • Master scheduling
  • Capacity management
  • Operations systems

Principles of Manufacturing Management

Provides an introduction to manufacturing management core concepts and activities related to production planning, scheduling and process control.

Topics include:

  • Manufacturing management fundamentals
  • Manufacturing product structures
  • Material requirements planning (MRP)
  • Capacity planning and management
  • Production activity control
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Lean production management

Principles of Distribution and Logistics

Introduces the foundations and operations of supply channel inventory, warehousing, and transportation operations.

Topics include:

  • Operations management foundations
  • Introduction to distribution and logistics
  • Distribution channel design
  • Inventory management
  • Distribution requirements planning (DRP)
  • Warehouse management
  • Packaging and material handling
  • Transportation management
  • Transportation operations

Principles of Managing Operations

Introduces the fundamentals of operational process design, quality and organizational management and performance.

Topics include:

  • Processes and operations
  • Project management
  • Product and process design
  • Total quality management
  • Statistical quality control
  • Process improvement and optimization
  • Organizational management and performance